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Data Center Design


Data Center — is a specialized platform for server and communication equipment, connected to various communication channels. In Russian terminology data center has received the name of Data Storage and Processing Center or Data Processing Center (DPC).

Specialists and projectors of Smart Com will develop optimal and reliable data center concept for businesses of any size, based on customer requirements. 

When designing computing and engineering infrastructure of data center,  Smart Com offers a selection of optimal components from different manufacturers (Fujitsu, NetApp, Oracle, Cisco, VMware), works out the details and integrates into a single complex solution, economical to operate and flexibly configured for specific tasks.

As a general contractor, and Your contact person, We coordinate the entire process of project implementation. The maximum performance can only be attained if IT-infrastructure components are optimally matched. Smart Com implements such matching at the design stage, which will allow you to benefit during operation and maintenance.

The main requirements for the designing of data centers are:
  • High reliability of electrical supply system, including provision of guaranteed and uninterrupted power supplies;

  • Maintenance of climate conditions (humidity, temperature and airflows) at the level optimal for the work of equipment, by means of precision air-conditioning system;

  • Raised floor, sufficient for the organization of cable lines;

  • Dust and moisture protection facilities;

  • Reliable protection of premises and data center computing resources from unauthorized access, by implementation of security system (perimeter protection, Access Control System, video observation);

  • Specialized fire-fighting system;

  • Round-the-clock technical service and support;

  • Duplication of communication channels to provide continuous data exchange with subscribers;

  • A large area for computing resources and serving equipment.

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