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Technical Support


Smart Com offers a wide range of services to provide technical support for hardware and software of such manufacturers as:

  • Fujitsu Technology Solutions

  • Network Appliance

  • Oracle

  • APC

  • Cisco

  • Symantec

  • Microsoft

  • Brocade

  • VMWare

Partnership with the companies mentioned above, authorized personnel, individual approach to the customes allow to ensure maximally effective service of the equipment, based on the customer's demands.

The following kinds of support and maintenance are available:
  • Remote support. 

Remote consultation (phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) and technical support for your Information system (IS).

  • Permanent presence. 

The company provides constant presence of our specialists in your office to solve all local problems and failures in the work of your IS.

  • Complete transfer of responsibility for the current condition and the development of IS (outsourcing maintenance of information systems).

Company employees will be fully responsible for the condition of your IS, keep it in working order to prevent potential problems and work out options for increasing performance and functionality.

  • The personal support plan (it will be agreed with the Customer).

Determination of exact amount of work is available after audit of information system. Besides this, periodic audits in the course of the long-term contract on maintenance of complex developing infrastructure will allow the serving company and the customer to have actual representations about it, which is also contributes to the quality of service.

Within the frames of support, carrying out consultations and IT audit are possible too.

24/7 Emergency assistance:

In case of emergency, certified technical support specialists provide services in solving any problems, connected with our software or hardware, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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